Mahaba (Welcome)

We are located in the historic West Side Market at the corner of West 25th and Lorain in Cleveland, Ohio.

We specialize in the Middle Eastern Cuisine, from the countries of Syria and Lebanon. The food featured at Judy’s Oasis is based, in part, on family recipes and represent a small sampling of the vivid and enchanting food from the most romantic part of the world. Food which satisfies the sight as well as the taste.

Grains, beans, olives, grape leaves and eggplant are naturally plentiful in the region and are central ingredients in Middle Eastern cooking. The Middle East was a major link on the spice route; therefore many of the Middle Eastern dishes have a distinctive flavor, unique to the cuisine. An exotic blend of spices which soothes the soul and arouse the passions.
The “original “ health food, naturally low in fat, high in protein, providing many of the nutrients your body needs!

Many of our dishes are prepared with out the use of meat or dairy products which are perfect for a well balanced lacto vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.

Sahtien (to your health)

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